This is a piece of music I have been writing, playing/singing on and recording/mixing. It has been a really interesting process! There are 16 different tracks all with separate lines. For example, the big square recorder in the photo that looks like it came from IKEA plays two different lines. And the bass next to it (which in real life is actually kinda big – but dwarfed here by Mr IKEA), has a section where it plays four different lines. At the moment I have been using just the one mic through an MBox MIDI on Pro Tools. I think I’m going to branch out soon, get something bigger so I can (gasp) use two mics at once – or perhaps even more…

It was all recorded in a tiny, well-lived-in studio apartment overlooking the beautiful mountains with frequent halts whilst recording to wait out the big long freight trains passing that blare their horns to frighten the bear, elk and deer off the tracks or the odd tourist’s car alarm going off in the popular recreational park under my windows. Like I said, an interesting process.

Learning to record and produce my own music has been a really big change for me, I often feel really overwhelmed at how much I really really don’t know – but I try to poke my tongue out at this nasty feeling and keep slowly chugging away. And that’s just one part of it. Writing music again feels great, but whoah that is also it’s own lifetimes work. And then there is the playing and singing…it feels like a lot, but the more I work at it the easier it will get. Right?

The main melody I wrote whilst thinking of my friend Alya: taking a moment of quiet to listen to some gentle and soothing music:  putting on makeup in a Cirque dressing room on a noisy Sunday morning for yet another show.